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Haynes Design Services, LLC can provide professional engineering services for any project, large or small. There is an additional fee involved when professional structural engineering services are requested or required and these services typically are quoted on a job by job basis. We work with an established base of professional structural engineers who are registered in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and 5 Canadian provinces. Our professional structural engineers work with our drafting staff to provide a variety of services. These services include, specific problem solving for difficult installations or details, low cost structural review letters, PE Stamped shop drawings, and/or certified and stamped structural analysis and calculations. Our engineering services can include multi-million dollar professional liability insurance policies covering your specific project. Our prices for engineering are very competitive due to our ongoing professional relationship with our engineering firms.

Do not fear the dreaded engineering requirements in the specifications of your next project. Haynes Design Services, LLC can turn this major hassle into a surprisingly inexpensive and painless process. We have provided professional engineering services on an exhaustive list of projects both large and small.

PE requirements for shop drawings are becoming more and more common in project specifications. Because of this, we have established a base of structural engineers that specialize in architectural aluminum systems. If you have ever tried to work with an engineering firm directly in the past, you have probably found the experience both very costly and time consuming. This is because while most licensed structural engineers are able to provide this service, most don't work specifically within the architectural aluminum trade. Often, these non-trade specific engineers will extensively over-engineer the requirements of the project due to lack of experience with architectural aluminum systems. While over-engineering is better than under-engineering, this often ends up costing you time and money in engineering and shop drawing fees, purchasing expensive anchoring systems and steel clips, and extensive amounts of unnecessary field labor.

When you work with Haynes Design Services, LLC to provide your engineering needs rest assured that you will be providing to your customers a very accurate, safe and structurally sound product, and your bottom line will not be effected.